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NatTable - Feature Overview

This is a overview of features of the NatTable widget. We also recommend to try out the examples. For detail and technical insight please look at the documentation.

Please note that most feature are optional, they can be enabled or disabled when constructing the table widget.

Table, tree and special layouts

In addition to the classic table layout, NatTable also supports:

  • Trees supporting expand/collapse of rows
  • Cells spanning multiple rows and columns
  • Dynamically changing table layouts

Low requirements

  • Simple interface to hook in the data model
  • Cell values are only loaded if required e.g. for painting

This allows NatTable to handle huge datasets from nearly any source without any performance issues.

UI Binding

Screenshot percentage bars Completely customizable rendering: Percentage Bars
  • Customizable converters between actual data value and rendered value
  • Configurable cell painters allow complete control over cell rendering
  • Bind feature to arbitrary key / mouse triggers

Flexible Selection

NatTable uses a flexible selection model which tracks the selection by rows, columns and indiviual cells.

  • Predefined keyboard and mouse actions
  • Optional JFace selection provider


  • Cell editors for common data types (text, combo and check box)
  • Configurable validation rules
  • Visual indication of invalid values
  • Multi-cell editing allows changing multiple cell values at once

Grouping and Freezing of Rows and Columns

  • Row groups and column groups
  • Multiple grouping levels
  • Collapse/Expand of groups
  • Freezing of column and rows avoids scrolling of selected cells

Sorting, Filtering and Searching

  • Sorting by column (up/down/of) with indicator in headers
  • Sorting by multiple columns
  • Custom comparators per column possible
  • Filtering by values in columns
  • Searching values in table (dialog)

Cell highlighting

  • Blinking cell
  • E.g. for changed cell or your own criteria

Column/Row customization

NatTable provides a lot of predefined actions which allows the user to customize the table:

Screenshot column chooser Column chooser: quickly change order and visibility
  • Resize and auto-size of rows and columns (by mouse)
  • Multi row/column resize, so all selected rows/columns are resized to the same size
  • Reorder and hide/show of columns (by mouse and dialog)
  • Group/ungroup of columns
  • Rename of columns
  • Configure cell format of columns


A NatTable can save and restore its configuration e.g. column groups, group states, cell formats.

Standard Actions

Standard action implementations to:

  • Copy data to clipboard (Ctrl + C)
  • Export as Excel file (formatting preserved, Ctrl + E)
  • Print (formatting preserved, Ctrl + P)

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