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NatTable 1.3.0 - New & Noteworthy

The NatTable 1.3.0 release is intended to be a bugfix release. It contains mainly bugfixes and just small enhancements requested by the community in order to make the NatTable API more extensible.

Almost every change in code is tracked via ticket in Bugzilla, so if you are curious about the details and all the bugs that are fixed and enhancements that were added with the 1.3.0 release, have a look here.

API changes

  • Introduced the ICalculatedValueCache interface and added corresponding getter and setter on SummaryRowLayer and GroupByDataLayer in order to be able to exchange the implementation for caching calculated values.
  • Added AbstractTextPainter#setTrimText(boolean) to be able to configure if the text that is rendered by an AbstractTextPainter is trimmed or not.
  • Reworked column reordering in combination with column grouping. This caused the introduction of several new command handler and the modification of several existing command handler related to column reordering. The update of column groups on column reordering is now performed in ColumnGroupReorderLayer#updateColumnGroupModel().
  • Changed visibility of ColumnResizeDragMode#getColumnWidthMinimum() to protected in order to support specifying a custom min width for columns on drag resizing.

Enhancements and new features

  • Replaced every occurence of SWT.CTRL in the NatTable default bindings with SWT.MOD1 to make the bindings work correctly on Mac OS.
  • Introduced the usage of an API Baseline and using the API tooling in order to ensure to have correct versions regarding the OSGi semantic versioning.

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