Interface IAxisListener

All Known Implementing Classes:
Annotation, CircleAnnotation, CrossAnnotation, Grid, Trace

public interface IAxisListener
A listener on the axis when axis was revalidated.
  • Method Details

    • axisRangeChanged

      void axisRangeChanged​(Axis axis, Range old_range, Range new_range)
      This event indicates a change in the axis' value range
    • axisRevalidated

      void axisRevalidated​(Axis axis)
      This method will be notified by axis whenever the axis is revalidated.
    • axisForegroundColorChanged

      void axisForegroundColorChanged​(Axis axis, oldColor, newColor)
    • axisTitleChanged

      void axisTitleChanged​(Axis axis, java.lang.String oldTitle, java.lang.String newTitle)
    • axisAutoScaleChanged

      void axisAutoScaleChanged​(Axis axis, boolean oldAutoScale, boolean newAutoScale)
    • axisLogScaleChanged

      void axisLogScaleChanged​(Axis axis, boolean old, boolean logScale)