Class EventMoveCommand

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public class EventMoveCommand
extends AbstractUndoRedoCommand
Represents one GanttEvent DND action that can be undone/redone.
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    • EventMoveCommand

      public EventMoveCommand​(GanttEvent event, java.util.Calendar startDateBefore, java.util.Calendar startDateAfter, java.util.Calendar endDateBefore, java.util.Calendar endDateAfter, java.util.Calendar revisedStartDateBefore, java.util.Calendar revisedStartDateAfter, java.util.Calendar revisedEndDateBefore, java.util.Calendar revisedEndDateAfter, GanttSection sectionBefore, GanttSection sectionAfter, int indexBefore, int indexAfter)
      Creates a new undoable/redoable Move Event.
      event - GanttEvent being moved
      startDateBefore - Estimated start date prior to move
      startDateAfter - Estimated start date after to move
      endDateBefore - Estimated end date before move
      endDateAfter - Estimated end date after move
      revisedStartDateBefore - Revised start date prior to move
      revisedStartDateAfter - Revised start date after move
      revisedEndDateBefore - Revised end date prior to move
      revisedEndDateAfter - Revised end date after move
      sectionBefore - GanttSection index (of all GanttSections) prior to move
      sectionAfter - GanttSection index (of all GanttSections) after move
      indexBefore - Index of event in GanttSection sectionBefore prior to move
      indexAfter - Index of event in GanttSection sectionAfter after to move
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