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PDT Project Plan for 2.0 Release

Last revised: $Date: 2008/11/27 23:00:06 $

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This document lays out the feature and API set for the next release of the PDT project, release 2.0.

PDT 2.0 is planned to be released on December 2008. The project will be based on the Eclipse Ganymede release.

Release Deliverables

The release deliverables are:

Release Milestones

PDT builds are available weekly as Integration builds. PDT Milestone Releases are approximately every six weeks of integration builds.

Following the final milestone, release candidates will begin. There should be at least two release candidates before the actual release. Scheduled release candidates should end one week before the release.

  • 2.0 M1 - November 03
  • 2.0 M2 - November 24
  • 2.0 RC1 - December 08
  • 2.0 RC2 - December 14
  • 2.0 RC3 - December 23
  • 2.0 Release - December 29
  • Features and Work Plan

    Milestone 1:
  • PHP Model Infrastructure
  • Mark Occurrences
  • Type Hierarchy View
  • Override Method Annotation
  • New PHP Explorer capabilities
  • Extended Open Type
  • Code Templates
  • Code Assist for Dynamic Variables

  • Release Candidate 1+2:
  • Bug Squash: see list of open bugs

  • * Note: PHP 5.3 is expected to be released around October-November

    Target Operating Environments

    PDT 2.0 will support all operating environments supported by the Eclipse 3.4 Platform itself. For a list of supported environments, refer to Eclipse Project for a list of reference platforms.

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