PDT 3.1.1 Release Notes

PDT 3.1.1 released on September 28th, 2012 contains nearly 100 bug fixes for issues reported over last three months, since the release of Eclipse Juno. Beside bug fixes, there are several new features added to make PDT Content-Assist smarter, to better support PHP 5.4 traits and other new language additions.

PDT 3.1.1 can be installed from Eclipse repository at:


Content-Assist for variables defined in referenced files

Content-Assist for last used key names in arrays

Added Content-Assist in use statement, related to traits

Mark occurences in traits

Properly resolve type of elements in arrays based on “<typeName>[]” in PHPDoc blocks

Properly resolve type of elements in array

Added proper Content-Assist for callable keyword

Added Content-Assist for $this inside closures

Improved type generation in PHPDoc for parameters with default values

Don’t hide .htaccess file anymore

Initial support for WST Facets

We added initial support for WST facets, to simplify framework and webservers integration in next PDT versions. If you plan to develop a plugin to support your framework in PDT please contact pdt-dev@eclipse.org for details.