Eclipse PHP Helios - New and Noteworthy

Here are some of the more noteworthy things available in Eclipse Helios for PHP Developers (June 23, 2010) which is now available for download. See the build notes for details about bugs fixed and other changes.

PHP Development Tools

New Templated Content Assist Applying Content Assist proposals to the editor creates a templated expression that provides argument completion according to the declaration of the method. Optional arguments are left out of the template. This feature helps developers to quickly edit their method parameters.

PHP Templated Content Assist Proposal

New Syntax Coloring Scheme Editor Reset the Syntax Coloring Scheme editor for PHP content. People are accustomed to the plain style usually provided by Eclipse projects. In this release, PDT is aligned with all other Eclipse standards.

Editor Syntax coloring scheme

New Advanced Syntax Coloring Rules Several rules are configurable through Preferences > PHP > Editor > Syntax Coloring: A full list of rules is available here.

Rules   Example for internal, deprecated, static coloring

New Content Assist in PHPDoc Block Content Assist provides proposals for the phpdoc tags:
@return, @see, @throw

Content assist in phpdoc

New show inherited members in quick outline view Quick outline includes a "show inherited members" mode which lists all methods inherited by super types.

Show inherited

New More Decorative Hover Information Richer information is now provided in the Hover Information tool-tip for methods, types and other elements.

Hover info

New Inspect Action for Debugging A quick method to evaluate expression when debuggin your script was added Once you set a breakpoint to your code and this breakpoint is applied you can select an expression in the editor and right-click on it, choose "Inspect" (Ctrl+Shift+I) and see the evaluated expression


New Drag and Drop in PHP/JavaScript Editors PHP Editors are now powered by a drag and drop behavior that enables the developer to select a block of code and move it across lines.

drag and drop in php and JavaScript editors

New Eclipse Marketplace An Eclipse-based Marketplace is a feature that provides a nice interface for Eclipse Marketplace offers the Eclipse community a convenient, information-rich portal that helps software developers find open source and commerical plugins.

Eclipse market place


Browser can use WebKitGTK+

Linux users can now use WebKitGTK+ instead of Mozilla as the Browser control's native renderer. See Can the Browser use the WebKit renderer on GTK?.

WebKitGTK+ Image

Quick Access now shows keybindings for commands Quick Access (Ctrl+3) now shows keybindings for commands so you can save yourself from all that typing and just use the keyboard shortcut the next time you need to run a command.

Quick Access dialog displaying two commands and their associated keybindings at the end of the command's description.

New features in Open Resource dialog The Open Resource dialog supports three new features:
  • Path patterns: If the pattern contains a /, the part before the last / is used to match a path in the workspace:

    Open Resource dialog with pattern '*/jface/w*/pa.html'

  • Relative paths: For example, "./T" matches all files starting with T in the folder of the active editor or selection:

    Open Resource dialog with pattern './T'

  • Closer items on top: If the pattern matches many files with the same name, the files that are closer to the currently edited or selected resource are shown on top of the matching items list.

    Open Resource dialog with pattern 'mak', matching many makefiles

Apply patch in Synchronize view preference Thanks to the new preference Apply patch in Synchronize view, you can leverage the new way of working with patches each time you apply one. When set, applying a patch via the Team context menu or by pasting in Package Explorer uses the Synchronize view.

Apply patch in Synchronize view preference

Ignore Leading Path Segments option A new option helps apply patches with non-matching paths in the Synchronize view. This is the last option needed to bring patching in the Synchronize view up to par with the Apply Patch dialog.

Ignore Leading Path Segments option

Warning about possible inaccuracy in comparison result The compare framework caps the result accuracy for large files. This used to happen silently, which confused users. Now when the faster algorithm is used a warning label appears.

Mathing might not be optimal label

Enhanced Open in Compare editor menu The context menu of the Compare editor contains Open and Open With actions, which open the file in full-fledged editors. Now, these actions set the selection and the caret position in the newly opened editor based on the selection in Compare Editor.

Open in Compare Editor

File system import wizard The file system import wizard now supports creating virtual folders and linked files and folders.

File System Import Wizard

Linked files and folders can also be created relative to a path variable.

The above features are just the ones that are new since the previous milestone build. Summaries for earlier 3.6 milestone builds: