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Enabling modular business apps
for desktop, browser and mobile

RAP provides a powerful widget toolkit and integrates well with proven technologies such as OSGi and JEE. You can write your application entirely in Java, re-use code and benefit from first-class IDE tools. icon

Widget Toolkit

RAP lets you develop modern web UIs with a real widget toolkit with SWT API, which includes powerful features like drag & drop, loading data on demand, inline editing, and drawing.

Using the JFace APIs, it makes accessing complex data models incredibly simple.
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Cross Platform

RAP runs in all relevant web browsers, without any add-ons required. Many advanced features like gradients are rendered even in browsers without CSS3 support.

It's built on an open protocol, so other clients can be connected.
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RAP uses standard servlet technology and runs on any JEE servlet container. It integrates well with OSGi, but can also be used stand-alone.

For high-availability applications, load balancing and transparent session failover is supported.
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Tool Support

RAP applications are written in Java, and you have the full power of Eclipse's development tools at hand.

This includes a first-class UI designer and an acceptance testing tool suite available together with RAP 1.5.
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Single Sourcing

With RAP, you can re-use your code for different target platforms. Even code that has been written for Eclipse RCP can run in a web browser.

Existing Eclipse plugins such as EMF, BIRT, or JGit can easily be included in RAP apps.
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Open Source

As an Eclipse project, RAP is published under the EPL and benefits from the Eclipse Foundation's high standards of IP management.

RAP is part of the annual Eclipse release and always delivers on time.
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