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New bugs and feature requests for RAP are tracked as GitHub issues.

Find existing bug reports

GitHub Issues

Bugzilla (old system, until 2022-04)

Report a new bug or enhancement request

Reporting a bug takes only a few minutes. Start here:

Write good bug reports

Choose a short and concise title and include the following information in the description:

  • your environment (operating system, browser type and version, RAP version)
  • the steps to reproduce the behavior described
  • the expected outcome / solution, or for enhancement requests, your use case

If the reported problem is not obvious, a simple snippet may be helpful for us to reproduce the issue. If you report some visual misbehavior, a screenshot helps us understand your problem. Remember that we don't have your exact desktop environment and browser.

Only one problem per bug, please!

Even if issues appear related, every problem deserves its own bug.

Is it a bug?

If you're not sure if a certain behavior in RAP is really a bug, you can ask on the RAP forum before. If the issue is related to RAP's implementation of Eclipse APIs like SWT or JFace, you should try your snippet in SWT and see as it works as expected there.