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Getting involved with RAP development

You are invited to contribute to RAP. This includes:

  • Write a valuable bug report. If you've found a defect in RAP, please don't keep it to yourself. Every environment is a bit different, and you may be the first one to notice the problem. So please, file a new bug to let us know!
  • Provide a fix. If you're familiar with the souce code and know how to fix a problem, please consider to contribute your fix. We use the GitHub pull requests for all incoming code changes so you can easily push your commit for review.
  • Contribute a custom component. If you wrote a custom component for RAP that might be useful to others, please consider to contribute it back. The Incubator might be a suitable place to host it. Please contact us on the developer mailing list if you'd like to share your code.

Developer resources

  • As a contributor, you should work with the latest source code.
  • Please take a minute to read over our Coding Standards.
  • Development-related questions are discussed on the rap-dev mailing list.
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