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Single Sourcing

What is single sourcing?

Application vendors are increasingly required to provide both desktop and web clients for their customers. But desktop and web applications are based on very different technologies which generally demand different programming paradigms and skills that make it impossible to reuse code. Specialized development skills and implementing the same functionality more than once increases the cost of production without in fact, adding new value to the application.

The Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) was designed to tackle exactly these problems for the Eclipse world. RAP allows Java and Eclipse developers to reuse their existing skills through a Java-based development model for web-clients. Furthermore, RAP maximizes code reuse by including the largest-possible web-enabled subset of the Rich Client Platform (Eclipse's technology on the desktop).


The easiest was to get involved with single sourcing is to watch the webinar: Webinar: Single-Sourcing Techniques for RAP and RCP, Oct 23, 2008, Frank Appel
PDF Slides    Code examples    MP4 Recording    WMV Recording   (~ 60 Minutes)

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