Business Applications Made Easy

Eclipse Scout is a one-stop framework with straight concepts, a strong application model and a versatile UI. It enables you to develop professional software in Java or JavaScript.

Features and Highlights

Hundreds of commercial projects rely on Eclipse Scout. It is a mature, stable, open-source framework with active development, backed by a successful software company. Here are some of the benefits you get when working with Scout. Check the Features page for more details.

Scout Demo Apps

Scout Classic
Scout JS

This lean business application written in Scout Classic features patterns and best practices used in Scout applications.

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Java Developers

Learn how to build a Scout Classic application written in Java with a server-side application model.

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JavaScript Developers

Learn how to build a Scout JS application written in JavaScript.

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Try Scout JS

See how simple it is to develop in Scout: Change the code in this CodePen and click the "Rerun" button to update the Hello World app.

See the Pen Scout JS Hello World by Eclipse Scout (@eclipse-scout) on CodePen.