Properties Views

This document describes behaviors specific to Sirius-defined properties views.

  1. Properties Views
    1. Preferences
      1. Legacy Semantic Properties Tabs
      2. Sirius Default Tabs


Some preferences and configuration parameters are available for you to customize your experience. They can affect the look of the properties view.

Legacy Semantic Properties Tabs

This group contains preferences to show or hide tabs provided by Sirius which display the raw properties of all semantic elements currently selected in a representation or in the Model Explorer. Starting from version 4.0, Sirius provides better alternatives for showing these semantic properties, but the legacy tabs are still available if needed.

Sirius Default Tabs

This group contains preferences to modify the behavior of the tabs rendered by the Sirius properties view default rules. Note that this will only apply to the generic properties views which are used when a modeler does not provide custom ones.