Export SVG Semantic Traceability

The Sirius API allows to activate the semantic traceability during the representation export. This feature is for now only supported for diagram SVG export.
More specifically, if this feature is enabled, every SVG element will have an additional attribute diagram:semanticTargetId that will own the semantic target id on which the graphical element is based on. The semantic id is the result of applying EcoreUtil.getURI(o) on the semantic eObject.

Here is an example of a produced SVG Element with diagram:semanticTargetId attribute:

<rect x="43" y="50" diagram:semanticTargetId="platform:/resource/DesignerTestProject/My.ecore#//p1/C1/a1" clip-path="url(#clipPath8)" fill="none" width="9" height="9" stroke="black"/>

This feature can be activated in two different ways: