Sirius – Provide Custom Widget For The Properties View


Using the Properties DSL in the odesign, a specifier can create the content of the Properties view for her/his Sirius-based designers. In some projects, a specifier may require the use of additional widgets not provided by the Sirius Properties runtime. In order to fulfill this need, the Sirius Properties runtime provide two ways for a developer to contribute additional widgets for specifiers.


Two strategies, Basic Custom Widget and Advanced Custom Widget , exist to create a custom widget depending on the quality of the integration of the custom widget that you want to create.

Basic Custom Widget Advanced Custom Widget
Advantages Easier to implement by the developer Exactly the same integration in Sirius as any other concepts
Drawbacks Poor user interface for the specifier to manipulate Complex to implement by the developer

Those two strategies have their own specific advantages and drawbacks but the “Advanced Custom Widget” strategy can developed as a follow-up of a “Basic Custom Widget” while keeping most of the code developed for the “Basic Custom Widget” approach.