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StatET 4.7 – New and Noteworthy

For other information about the release see the release page for StatET 4.7.0.

Remote Console

Configuration The startup script for remote R instances also support the configuration of the R environment by files now, as already known by the R help server. It is possible to define different R environments and select it by a script argument.

Normally the properties file is located at renvs/<renv-id>/. To create the file initialized with the default values of an R installation, run:

R -e "rj::.renv.createConfigProperties(out= '<renv-folder>')"

For detail see the R help for .renv.createConfigProperties.

SSH Support The SSH support for R remote consoles is updated. By default it uses a new SSH library (Apache MINA SSHD), which is also used by the Git integration in the Eclipse IDE (EGit). Among other improvments, this allows to use Ed25519 keys for authentication.

RJ / RServi Development Library

Changes For new and noteworthy items of the RJ/RServi development library see its CHANGES file.

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