Target Management 3.2 - New and Noteworthy

The emphasis on the Target Management 3.2 release has been on solidifying and hardening existing functionality, so there are not too many new features to mention. Still, here are some of the more noteworthy things you'll find in TM 3.2 (June 23, 2010) which is now available for download. See the TM 3.2 release notes for details on bugs fixed, known issues, noteworthy new API and other changes.

Remote System Explorer (RSE)

Improved FTP Robustness and Performance FTP performance was strongly improved and made more reliable, by eliminating potential race conditions and lockups due to excessive sending of NOOP commands. For details, see bug 269171 and bug 300394.
Improved EFS Provider EFS provider performance was improved, and multiple connections to a host can now be disambiguated by name. For details, see bug 291738 and bug 287185.
XML File Type for DStore File types can now be specified as "XML", in addition to the existing "binary" and "text" file types. The special property of XML files is that they are transferred in binary mode, but the local character encoding is determined by looking at the XML magic inside the file. The XML filetype association can be configured by the remoteFileTypes extension point, or in the Remote Files Preference Page. This feature required new API to be added, for details see bug 283033.

TM Terminal

Local Terminal A local terminal connector was added - Thanks to Mirko Raner for this contribution. For details, see bug [196337].
Scroll Lock A Scroll Lock button has been added to the stand-alone Terminal View. For details, see bug [205486].

Target Communication Framework (TCF)

TCF Improvements TCF Improvements are tracked on the TM Wiki. For details, see The TM Release Summary.

General Improvements

Repository Information in Released Bundles TM now embeds repository information in released bundles. This allows PDE versions newer than Eclipse 3.6M7 to import source from the Eclipse CVS Repository directly from an installed binary TM bundle, and thus makes it much easier to contribute patches. For details, see bug [311447].

More details about API changes, new features and bugs fixed are in the build notes of the earlier TM 3.2 milestone builds: