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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.2 M5
New and Noteworthy


Dali Java Persistence Tools


    Dali has added support for the new Element Collection mapping introduced in JPA 2.0. This mapping provides support for mapping collections of primitives and Embeddebles. Currently this support does not include Maps as of Dali M5.

    Element Collection

Derived Identity support

    Dali now supports the Derived Identity concept specified in JPA 2.0. This allows easy mapping of a primary key derived from a foreign key. A given relationship mapping can now be designated as the primary key of an entity. Similarly, when using an Embedded Id, the Maps Id field can be used to designate the Id attribute.

    Derived Id

    Logging Category editing has been added to the Persistence XML Editor. This allows for easier configuration of finer grained EclipseLink logging. This expandable section will display the many different logging categories available for configuration.

    EclipseLink Logging Categories

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