Eclipse Web Tooling Platform Contribution - IBM

NOTE: This initial contribution has been removed since it is out of date and no longer needed. Please obtain WTP builds from the project download page. Although the following guide is obsolete, you may still find it of use in evaluating the WTP builds. This guide will eventually be superceded by WTP tutorials.

1.0 Introduction

Welcome to IBM's contribution to the Eclipse Web Tooling Platform (WTP). The purpose of this document is to guide you through initial setup of the code including any prerequisites and a high level tour through each of the components which are being contributed for evaluation. Before starting, please take note of Section 5, The Terms and Conditions of this contribution.

2.0 Getting Started

2.1 Prerequisites

Here are the prerequisites you need to download and extract to your system:

Once you've unzipped/installed all of the above, download the and extract it. It contains an a copy of this "Getting Started" guide and the zip file. Unzip this SDK into the same location as the above SDKs. The zip extracts with 'eclipse' as the root directory.

2.2 Launching Eclipse

Note that if you installing into an existing Eclipse 3.0 environment, you'll need to launch eclipse with the -clean flag to allow the environment to detect the new plugins. Subsequent launching of eclipse won't require the -clean flag.

eclipse -clean -vmargs -Xmx256m

The VM arguments are required for indexing and java searching.

3.0 Explore Various Components

If you've made it thus far here's where the real fun begins! Walk through the evaluation guides for the components that you're interested in. Don't forget to provide feedback to us as described in Section 4.0.

4.0 Provide Feedback to Us

We encourage development/design feed back on the wtp-dev mailing list. You can subscribe to the list via this link.

For usage questions, discussion of bugs, and strange behaviour please post to the eclipse.webtools newsgroup. Information on the Web Tools Platform newsgroup can be found here.

5.0 Terms and Conditions

5.1 Licensing

IBM's Eclipse WTP SDK Contribution (the Content) is distributed under the EPL and CPL. This applies to all files distributed under this contribution. All intellectual property remains under the ownership of IBM Corporation.

5.1 Disclaimers

The Content is provided as is for evaluation purposes only. The Content can and will most likely change before appearing in the Eclipse CVS repository. The APIs and packages will be reworked once the contribution is accepted. The code has not been extensively tested and should be considered a snapshot in time of ongoing development.