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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.1
New and Noteworthy


JavaServer Faces Tools

Integration with Library Provider Framework

    The JSF Project has adopted the new Library Provider Framework which has benefits for both end-users and developers. See WTP Common for more details. --> The older JSF Library Framework is now deprecated.

    Most users will choose from available JDT User Libraries to create a complete classpath for a JSF Implementation and supporting classes.

    New JSF Project with User Libraries

    If the user has chosen a runtime adapter that is capable of supplying the JSF implementation libraries, a "Library Provided by Target Runtime" option can be selected. This replaces the "Server Supplied" option of previous releases.

    New JSF Project with Runtime Provided Libraries

    Existing JSF applications from older workspaces will still work. A "Legacy Library Provider" will be detected and existing JSF Libraries will work. Users should be encouraged to port their JSF Libraries to JDT User Libraries.

    JSF Faceted Project Property Page

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