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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.1
New and Noteworthy


Server Tools

New Servers view

    A new Servers view based in the Common Navigator Framework has been added. In the new view, the State and Status columns have been removed. The information remains displayed by default, but now using the Server State Decorator label decorator. The new view will allow for further customization from adopters and users, the implementing of filters and the inclusion of other Content Providers to add included data in the view.

    New Servers view

    The new view can be opened from Window > Show View > Servers (Proposed) .

    Servers View (proposed)

Add and Remove restrictions lifted

    We made the UI more consistent with the API. The WTP Server Tools framework has always allowed for an abstract model to be deployed into the server, but the UI was always associated with projects. That association has now been removed and the UI no longer associates that projects are the only deployable object into the server.

    As a consequence the Add and remove label has been renamed to "Add and Remove..."

    Renaming Add and Remove action

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