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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.2 - New and Noteworthy


Dali JPA Tools

Initial JPA 2.0 Support - 2.0 Facet and Generic 2.0 Platform

    Initial JPA 2.0 support has been added, including a new JPA 2.0 Facet version and a Generic 2.0 Platform. Support for specific JPA 2.0 features is ongoing.

    Default Facet selection for Dali 3.0

    JPA 2.0 Facet

Derived ID support

    Support has been added for JPA 2.0 Derived Id's, which allows one to map an entity where the identity of that entity is derived via the identity from another entity.

    Derived Id with composite PK using IdClass

    Derived Id

JPA 1.0 and 2.0 Configurations

    Two new facet configurations are now available for quick configuration of either a JPA 1.0 or 2.0 project in Dali. This selection will determine what platforms are visible in the New JPA Project wizard.

    Project Configurations

Document version upgrade

    To help with migration from JPA 1.0 to JPA 2.0, Dali offers a menu item on XML artifacts that can be updated to a newer version, which is necessary to get the latest UI for 2.0 features.

    Upgrade menu item

    Document Upgrade

JPA 2.0 Support and EclipseLink 2.0 Platform

    A number of new JPA 2.0 concepts have been implemented in this milestone in both the Generic and EclipseLink (2.0) platforms. An EclipseLink 2.0 Platform has been added for more customized EclipseLink support.

JPA 2.0 Cache support

    Shared-Cache-Mode and Cacheable support have been added to the Dali UI, with persistence-unit, platform, and inheritance based defaults.


    JPA 2.0 Caching


    JPA 2.0 Caching

JPA 2.0 Canonical Metamodel generation

    Dali has added native support for JPA 2.0 canonical metamodel generation. Dali allows you to specify a source folder for the metamodel to be generated. The metamodel is updated automatically when changes are made to entities in the persistence unit. This is offered as an alternative to APT based implementations that may be offered by JPA implementations.

    Project properties configuration

    JPA 2.0 Caching

    Resulting metamodel creation

    JPA 2.0 Caching

EclipseLink 1.2 Platform

    EclipseLink 1.2 support has been added to Dali via the new EclipseLink 1.2.x Platform.

    EclipseLink 1.2.x platform

EclipseLink 2.1 support

    Dali has added platform support for the Helios targeted EclipseLink 2.1 release.

    EclipseLink 2.1

EclipseLink Logging Categories

    Logging Category editing has been added to the Persistence XML Editor. This allows for easier configuration of finer grained EclipseLink logging. This expandable section will display the many different logging categories available for configuration.

    EclipseLink Logging Categories

Validation Preferences

    Dali now offers Workspace and Project level preference settings for Dali based validation. Problems are now configurable to 3 severity levels ("Error", "Warning", "Info"), or simply "Ignore".

    Validation preferences

    Document Upgrade


    JPA 2.0 based OrderColumn configuration has been added to the Details View. This allows you to specify a column for use in ordering one to many relationships.



    Dali has added support for the new Element Collection mapping introduced in JPA 2.0. This mapping provides support for mapping collections of primitives and Embeddebles. Currently this support does not include Maps as of Dali M5.

    Element Collection

Derived Identity support

    Dali now supports the Derived Identity concept specified in JPA 2.0. This allows easy mapping of a primary key derived from a foreign key. A given relationship mapping can now be designated as the primary key of an entity. Similarly, when using an Embedded Id, the Maps Id field can be used to designate the Id attribute.

    Derived Id

JAXB XML Schema Generation

    Dali has added JAXB Schema Generation support to WTP. You can now generate an XML Schema (XSD) for a chosen set of JAXB mapped Java classes in your workspace. Use the "New" wizard at the Workspace, Project, or Package level to access the "JAXB->Schema from JAXB Classes" wizard.

    JAXB Schema Gen

    Select the classes that you want to use for schema generation. Select a project, package, or just individual classes.

    JAXB Schema Gen2

JAXB Class Generation

    Dali has added JAXB class generation support to WTP. Users can now generate classes for a given XML schema (XSD) in their workspace. Use the "Generate" context menu on any schema in a Java project to invoke the wizard.

    JAXB Gen

    JAXB Gen2

JoinTable support for "Many to One" and "One to One" mappings

    Full JoinTable support (UI and Validation) for single-valued associations has been added to Dali.


Cascade Detach

    The JPA 2.0 Cascade Detach option has been added to Dali.

    Cascade Detach

Collection-valued associations map key attribute overrides; MapKeyClass, and MapKeyColumn Model Support

    Dali has added significant model (validation) support for Map based mappings. Not all of this support is currently visible in the UI.


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