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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.2 - New and Noteworthy


JavaServer Faces Tools

Support for JSF 2.0 - Project Configuration

    JSF Tools now supports the configuration of a Dynamic Web Project as a JSF 2.0 project. The tool allows the user to download the following JSF 2.0 implementation libraries:

    • JSF 2.0 (Mojarra 2.0.2-FCS)
    • JSF 2.0 (Apache Myfaces JSF Core-2.0 API 2.0.0)

    Project Facets Download JSF Implementation Library

Support for JSF 2.0 - XHTML File Creation

    New HTML templates have been added to help in the creation of Facelets XHTML pages.

    HTML Templates

Support for JSF 2.0 - XHTML Source Editing

    The Web Page Editor (WPE) Source tab has been enhanced to support editing XHTML files. The source editor for XHTML files has similar features as are found in the source editor for JSF-JSP pages. Following is a list of features added in this release to support JSF 2.0.

    Content assist for Namespaces
    Content Assist is available for library namespaces. Namespaces can be defined either explicitly through the Facelet taglib facility or implicitly by the detection of composites through the resource loading facility.

    Content Assist for Namespace

    Content Assist for Namespace

    Content assist for Facelet tags and tag attributes
    Content Assist is available for new tags and tag attributes in the JSF Facelets libraries

    Content Assist for Tags

    Content Assist for Tag attributes

    Content assist for EL expressions
    Content assist proposal on an EL expression includes the new implicit variables

    Content Assist includes implicit objects

Support for JSF 2.0 - Composite Component support

    Content assist for Namespace
    Content Assist for library namespaces includes composite components discovered through the resource loading facility, such as those defined under the sub-directories of a directory called "resources" in the web application root

    Composite components

    Content Assist for Namespace

    Content assist for composite components tags

    Content Assist for Composite Components Tags

Web Page Editor (WPE) Design Pane enhancements

    Visual rendering in the WPE design pane has the following enhancements:
    • option to turn off absolute position rendering in CSS.
    • option to adjust or remove artificial box padding.

    Relative URIs to resources, such as images, that contained URL encoding characters will now render properly.


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