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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.2 - New and Noteworthy


Server Tools

Support for Apache Tomcat 7

    In anticipation of the imminent release of Apache Tomcat 7.0, support has been added to create Apache Tomcat 7.0 runtimes and servers.

    Apache Tomcat 7.0 in the New Server Runtime Environment dialog

Tomcat adapter's "Serve Modules Without Publishing" option enhanced

    In prior versions of WTP, the Tomcat adapter's Serve Modules Without Publishing option only supported a single web content folder in the Dynamic Web Project. The custom classes that are added to the Tomcat server to support this option have now been enhanced to support multiple web content folders in the project.

    Additional web content folders can be mapped using the Add button on the Deployment Assembly page of the project's Properties dialog. Any valid Deploy Path is supported by this option except for "/WEB-INF/classes". This option assumes all folders using "/WEB-INF/classes" as the Deploy Path come from Java source folders. Any web content folder using "/WEB-INF/classes" as the Deploy Path will not be visible in the running Web application when Serve Modules Without Publishing is enabled.

    Thanks go out to Matteo Turra for his initial efforts towards implementing this enhancement.


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