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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.21
New and Noteworthy

Here are some of the more noteworthy features available in WTP 3.21. It is available as part of the Eclipse IDE 2021-03 (March 17th, 2021). Download it now!

Source Editing

Jakarta EE Schemas

    The Jakarta EE 9 Schemas are now included in the XML Catalog.

    Schemas shown on the XML Catalog preference page

Simplified XML Wizard

    The New XML File wizard has been simplified and streamlined. It no longer makes you think about whether you want to use a DTD or Schema separately, and selection of either from the workspace and XML Catalog now offers a search field.

    The wizard page for choosing a DTD/Schema or Template Searching the workspace Searching the catalog

JSON Typing preference page

    For fans of editing JSON in Eclipse who don't feel like they need too much help, the expected Typing preference page has been added to customize that behavior.

    The new JSON Typing preference page

Java EE

Modernized default paths

    When creating Dynamic and Static web projects, the suggested content paths and Java Source Folder path have been changed. As always, users can enter any valid value of their liking.

    The new default paths in the wizards

Summaries for earlier releases:
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