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Web services tools

An Eclipse Web Tools Platform subproject

Project Overview

The JST Web services component contains tools for developing and interacting with Java Web services. It consists of:

  • extensible Web services wizards for creating Web service and Web services client wizards for consumming Web service,
  • Web services Ant tasks for creating and consumming Web services,
  • wizard extensions for the Apache Axis v1.4 and Apache Axis2 Web service runtimes.

The WST Web services component contains tools for Web services development which is not Java specific. It consists of:

  • Web services preferences pages,
  • Web services frameworks such as the creation framework and finder framework,
  • Web Services Explorer, a Web application that let you discover and publish to UDDI, and invoke a WSDL/WSIL via native XML.
  • WSDL model
  • WSDL Editor
  • WSDL and WS-I validator

Development Resources

  • Tutorials
  • The Web Services tutorials for creating Web services, using the Web Services Explorer, and using the WSDL Editor can be found in the Web services section of the tutorial.

  • Web Services tools wiki
  • The Web services tools wiki is used to discuss items related to the Web services tools project in WTP.

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