Generate anything from any EMF model

Acceleo is the result of several man-years of R&D started in the French company Obeo.
Junction between the OMG MTL standard, its team's experience with industrial code generation and the latest research advances into the M2T field, it offers outstanding advantages : High ability to customize, Interoperability, Easy kick off, and much more!

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Easily create custom code generators

Open Source

Acceleo is an open template-based source code generation technology developed inside of the Eclipse Foundation. As such, you can use it freely, fork it and even contribute back.


Code generators are often limited to a set of technologies. With its template based approach, Acceleo can generate code for any kind of languages. If you can write it, Acceleo can generate it.

Stand Alone

Acceleo does not lock you inside of the Eclipse environment, as such you can build and run your generator easily out of Eclipse. Acceleo provides a brand new Maven integration.

Integrated in Eclipse

Acceleo is deeply integrated in the Eclipse IDE with a full fledged editor with syntax highlighting, real time error detection, quick fixes, refactoring and much more. It also comes with dedicated views to help you navigate within your code generator and quickly access code generation design patterns.

Incremental Generation

Whether you are considering it or not, you will one day have to modify manually your generated code and you want to keep your modification even if you are regenerating your code. Acceleo lets you define protected areas in which you can safely modify the generated.

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Learn how to use Acceleo, thanks to online complete user guides and reference manuals

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Professional support

Obeo, leader of Acceleo’s development, provides training, expertise, custom development and support plans

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