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We are grateful to the following for their contributions to the AspectJ project:

Committers (active)

Alexander Kriegisch - Agile Project Management
Andy Clement Broadcom Inc. (formerly VMware)

Committers (alumni)

Matthew Webster IBM UK Ltd
Wes Isberg
Adrian Colyer Interface 21
Alex Vasseur BEA
Mik Kersten University of British Columbia
Jim Hugunin
Erik Hilsdale


Helen Hawkins (IBM UK Ltd), Ron Bodkin and many others who contributed code, documentation or other helpful things to AspectJ. Thanks to all of you!

Some Git statistics (from February 2024, commit 74f05309ce):

$ git shortlog -sne
  5536  Andy Clement <aclement@...>
   953  Adrian Colyer <acolyer>
   918  Wes Isberg <wisberg>
   532  Alexander Kriegisch <kriegaex@...>
   313  Jim Hugunin <jhugunin>
   205  Mik Kersten <mkersten>
   119  Matthew Webster <mwebster>
   100  Alexandre Vasseur <avasseur>
    94  Erik Hilsdale <ehilsdal>
    41  Lars Grefer <eclipse@...>
    19  Andrey Turbanov <turbanoff@...>
    11  Sergey Stupin <stupin.sergey@...>
     7  Jerry James <loganjerry@...>
     4  Uri Simchoni <urisimchoni@...>
     3  Dmitry Mikhaylov <dmitry@...>
     2  Eli Finkel <eyfinkel@...>
     2  Emmanuel Bourg <ebourg@...>
     1  Andy Russell <arussell123@...>
     1  Anuj Dodhia <59048795+capgen628@...>
     1  John Kew <jkew@...>
     1  Jonathan Leitschuh <Jonathan.Leitschuh@...>
     1  Kui Liu <brucekuiliu@...>
     1  Semyon Danilov <samvimes@...>
     1  Stefan Starke <stefan@...>
     1  Tobias Roeser <le.petit.fou@...>
Not to mention all commits done in other SCM systems before the initial Git import.

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