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Eclipse Babel Project

Eclipse is a global community. It is in everyone's interest to ensure that Eclipse is available and translated in as many locales as possible.

Babel is a set of tools to make the job of globalizing Eclipse projects easier. We also want to provide ways for people world wide, who are interested, to contribute translations in their language of choice.

The project includes tools and activities that are needed to adapt the Eclipse deliverables to properly run in multiple locales and to translate selected Eclipse projects into multiple different languages (French, Japanese, German, etc). The project could eventually include tools to aid in the following areas: Enablement testing (E.g. can the software run in different language environments and handle multiple scripts, etc.), translatability testing (is it ready for translation?), preparation for translation (preparation of resource bundles), Translation testing (Is the translation acceptable?), and more.

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This project is in the Incubation Phase

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