Class DefaultProxyContainerFinder

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public class DefaultProxyContainerFinder
extends AbstractProxyContainerFinder
implements IProxyContainerFinder

Default implementation of IProxyContainerFinder.

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Constructor Summary
DefaultProxyContainerFinder(boolean autoCreateContainer)
Method Summary
 IRemoteServiceContainer[] findProxyContainers(IServiceID serviceID, IRemoteServiceEndpointDescription endpointDescription)
          Find remote service containers.
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultProxyContainerFinder(boolean autoCreateContainer)
Method Detail


public IRemoteServiceContainer[] findProxyContainers(IServiceID serviceID,
                                                     IRemoteServiceEndpointDescription endpointDescription)
Description copied from interface: IProxyContainerFinder
Find remote service containers. Implementers of this service will be consulted when a remote proxy is discovered, so that they may provide access to zero or more IRemoteServiceContainer instances to use for proxy creation and local publication in the service registry.

Specified by:
findProxyContainers in interface IProxyContainerFinder
serviceID - the service ID exposed by the discovery provider. Will not be null.
endpointDescription - the endpoint description created from the discovered remote service meta data. This endpointDescription may be used to decide what IRemoteServiceContainer[] to return, as well as whether or not to connect the IContainer to the targetID (provided by IRemoteServiceEndpointDescription.getConnectTargetID() . Will not be null.
IRemoteServiceContainer[] the remote service containers that should be used to get remote service references for the remote service described by the endpointDescription. If no containers are relevant, then an empty array should be returned rather than null.