Package org.eclipse.ecf.presence.chatroom

Interface Summary
IChatRoomAdminListener Listener for chat room subject changes
IChatRoomAdminSender Perform administrative functions for an IChatRoomContainer.
IChatRoomContainer A container representing a specific chat room.
IChatRoomContainerOptionsAdapter Adapter interface for IChatRoomManager allowing options to be set for chat room containers managed by manager
IChatRoomInfo Chat room information.
IChatRoomInvitationListener Invitation listener for handling asynchronous chat room invitation events.
IChatRoomInvitationSender Represents ability to send a chat room invitation to a given target.
IChatRoomManager Chat room manager.
IChatRoomMessage Chat room message.
IChatRoomMessageEvent Chat room message event.
IChatRoomMessageSender Chat message sender.
IChatRoomParticipantListener Listener interface for receiving participant arrive and departed notifications

Class Summary
ChatRoomMessage Chat room message implementation class.
ChatRoomMessageEvent Chat room message event.

Exception Summary
ChatRoomCreateException Exception class thrown by IChatRoomManager.createChatRoom(String, java.util.Map)