Package org.eclipse.ecf.presence

Interface Summary
IAccountManager Presence account management interface.
IFQID ID adapter interface that supplies access to 'fully qualified' ID information.
IIMMessage Super interface for messages.
IIMMessageEvent Message event class.
IIMMessageListener IM message listener.
IPresence Presence information for a user.
IPresenceContainerAdapter Entry point presence container adapter.
IPresenceListener Listener for user presence changes.
IPresenceSender Send presence change events to remotes on buddy list.

Class Summary
AbstractPresenceContainer An abstract IPresenceContainerAdapter implementation.
IMMessage Abstract superclass for different types of messages.
IPresence.Mode A type-safe enum class to represent the presence mode information
IPresence.Type A type-safe enum class to represent the presence type information
Presence Base presence class implementing IPresence.