Interface IChatRoomCommandListener

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public interface IChatRoomCommandListener

Method Summary
 java.lang.String handleCommand(IChatRoomContainer chatRoomContainer, java.lang.String inputLine)
          Detect and handle input commands.

Method Detail


java.lang.String handleCommand(IChatRoomContainer chatRoomContainer,
                               java.lang.String inputLine)
Detect and handle input commands. If this handler successfully handles the line as a command and does not expect the line to be passed on as chat input, it should return null. If it does not process the line as a command, and the inputLine should be sent along as chat, it should return a non-null String.

chatRoomContainer - the IChatRoomContainer instance that is to receive the input line. If null then the input line is intended for the IChatRoomManager itself.
inputLine - the input line holding the prospective command.
null if the command has been processed and should not be sent along as chat. Non-null if the inputLine should be forwarded on as chat.