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Platform Release Engineering

About Platform Release Engineering

Platform releng provides release engineering services for the Eclipse Project team (Platform, JDT,PDE ,Equinox). We maintain the build scripts that are used to massage the source from the developer to a download at We are responsible the following cvs projects

  • org.eclipse.releng - Map files used by the entire team to submit source to the build
  • org.releng.eclipsebuilder - Scripts used to run the build and tests.
  • org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder - A subset of SDK plugins used to run the build.
  • org.eclipse.test - Eclipse test framework
  • org.eclipse.releng.tests - Test eclipse plugin and features for inclusion of legal files and adherence to versioning guidelines.

Get involved!

If you are interested in seeing what's happening in platform-releng, subscribe to our mailing list:

The platform releng FAQ answers what you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask about the build process.

And for the answer to the neverending question of when is the next build, please refer to the build schedule, now available in Google calendar form.

There are also a number of bugs with the "helpwanted" tag that indicate where help would be greatly appreciated. We don't have a budget to thank you with expensive gifts, but I've heard that it's the thought that really counts. So think about it, and help out with a bug. You'll feel better, the releng team will smile and the world will be a better place.

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