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The Team coponent is responsible for providing repository tooling integration into Eclipse and a universal compare facility for use by repository tooling and others.

Platform Team Repository Integration Framework

The goal of the Team component is to provide a mechanism by which repository tools can integrate the full, rich, functionality of their repository solution into the Eclipse workbench in a first class way.

Compare Framework

The universal Compare facility implements:

  • Two and Three-way compare/merge components for hierarchical structures superimposed on text
  • Differencing engines for
    • hierarchical structures
    • character ranges, e.g. text lines or words
  • Integration and creation of patch files
  • Comparison and merging with the local history.

The infrastructure is extensible to different content types. It defines extension points for type specific ContentMergeViewers StructureMergeViewers or StructureCreators.

About the Team component

  • This component is responsible for all* and* plugins
  • Have a question about the Team component? We might already have an answer for you in the Team Wiki.
  • Online user documentation.

Development Resources

If you are already a Team developer, check out the Development Resources.

What's Happening

 3.5 Development

 3.4 Development

 3.3 Development

 Archived Releases

Get Involved

If you are interested in participating in the development of the CVS component, there are several ways of contributing:

  • Fix bugs/enhancement requests that we need help with.
  • Check out our bug section on the development page and pick something that interests you.
  • Also, check out the developer's mailing list: Chat with people there about your problems and interests, and find out what you can do to help.

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