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Annotation Type XmlValue

public @interface XmlValue

Enables mapping a class to a XML Schema complex type with a simpleContent or a XML Schema simple type.


The @XmlValue annotation can be used with the following program elements:

See "Package Specification" in javax.xml.bind.package javadoc for additional common information.

The usage is subject to the following usage constraints:

If the annotated JavaBean property is the sole class member being mapped to XML Schema construct, then the class is mapped to a simple type. If there are additional JavaBean properties (other than the JavaBean property annotated with @XmlValue annotation) that are mapped to XML attributes, then the class is mapped to a complex type with simpleContent.

Example 1: Map a class to XML Schema simpleType

     // Example 1: Code fragment
     public class USPrice {
         public java.math.BigDecimal price;
     <!-- Example 1: XML Schema fragment -->
     <xs:simpleType name="USPrice">
       <xs:restriction base="xs:decimal"/>


Example 2: Map a class to XML Schema complexType with with simpleContent.

   // Example 2: Code fragment
   public class InternationalPrice {
       public java.math.BigDecimal price;
       public String currency;
   <!-- Example 2: XML Schema fragment -->
   <xs:complexType name="InternationalPrice">
       <xs:extension base="xs:decimal">
         <xs:attribute name="currency" type="xs:string"/>


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