EclipseLink 1.2.0, build 'v20091016-r5565' API Reference

Package org.eclipse.persistence.oxm

Interface Summary

Class Summary

It is common for an XML document to include one or more namespaces.

XMLBinder PUBLIC: Purpose:Provide a runtime public interface for preserving unmapped content from an XML Document.
XMLConstants XMLConstants maintains a list of useful XMLConstants.
XMLContext An XMLContext is created based on EclipseLink sessions or projects and can then used to create instances of XMLMarshaller, XMLUnmarshaller and XMLValidator.
XMLDescriptor Use an XML project for nontransactional, nonpersistent (in-memory) conversions between Java objects and XML documents.
XMLField TopLink XML mappings make use of XMLFields based on XPath statements to find the relevant data in an XML document.
XMLLogin In OX, the platform determines which parsing method will be used, DOM vs SAX.
XMLMarshaller Class used to marshal object to XML.
XMLUnionField Subclass of XMLField for fields that are mapped to unions.
XMLUnmarshaller Class used to unmarshal XML to objects.
XMLUnmarshallerHandler Class used to unmarshal SAX events to objects.
XMLValidator Class used to validate XML.

EclipseLink 1.2.0, build 'v20091016-r5565' API Reference