Interface CoreSession<DESCRIPTOR extends CoreDescriptor,​LOGIN extends CoreLogin,​PLATFORM extends org.eclipse.persistence.internal.core.databaseaccess.CorePlatform,​PROJECT extends CoreProject,​SESSION_EVENT_MANAGER extends CoreSessionEventManager>

    • Method Detail

      • getDatasourceLogin

        LOGIN getDatasourceLogin()
        PUBLIC: Return the login, the login holds any database connection information given. This return the Login interface and may need to be cast to the datasource specific implementation.
      • getDatasourcePlatform

        PLATFORM getDatasourcePlatform()
        PUBLIC: Return the database platform currently connected to. The platform is used for database specific behavior.
      • getDescriptor

        DESCRIPTOR getDescriptor​(java.lang.Class theClass)
        ADVANCED: Return the descriptor specified for the class. If the class does not have a descriptor but implements an interface that is also implemented by one of the classes stored in the map, that descriptor will be stored under the new class.
      • getDescriptor

        DESCRIPTOR getDescriptor​(java.lang.Object domainObject)
        ADVANCED: Return the descriptor specified for the object's class.
      • getDescriptors

        java.util.Map<java.lang.Class,​DESCRIPTOR> getDescriptors()
        ADVANCED: Return all registered descriptors.
      • getEventManager

        SESSION_EVENT_MANAGER getEventManager()
        PUBLIC: Return the event manager. The event manager can be used to register for various session events.
      • getProject

        PROJECT getProject()
        PUBLIC: Return the project. The project includes the login and descriptor and other configuration information.
      • setLogLevel

        void setLogLevel​(int logLevel)
        PUBLIC: Set the log level.