Class DiscoveryException

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    public class DiscoveryException
    extends RemoteCommandManagerException
    Instances of this exception are raised if a problem is detected during the discovery of a TopLink cluster. This occurs as part of the RemoteCommandManager feature. TopLink exceptions should only ever be thrown by TopLink code.
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        public static final int ERROR_JOINING_MULTICAST_GROUP
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        public static final int ERROR_SENDING_ANNOUNCEMENT
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int ERROR_LOOKING_UP_LOCAL_HOST
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        public static final int ERROR_RECEIVING_ANNOUNCEMENT
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    • Constructor Detail

      • DiscoveryException

        public DiscoveryException()
      • DiscoveryException

        public DiscoveryException​(java.lang.String theMessage)
    • Method Detail

      • errorJoiningMulticastGroup

        public static DiscoveryException errorJoiningMulticastGroup​(java.lang.Exception internalEx)
      • errorSendingAnnouncement

        public static DiscoveryException errorSendingAnnouncement​(java.lang.Exception internalEx)
      • errorLookingUpLocalHost

        public static DiscoveryException errorLookingUpLocalHost​(java.lang.Exception internalEx)
      • errorReceivingAnnouncement

        public static DiscoveryException errorReceivingAnnouncement​(java.lang.Exception internalEx)