Class AsOfSCNClause

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    public class AsOfSCNClause
    extends AsOfClause
    Purpose:Wraps an immutable value for a past time, represented as a database system change number.

    This should be specified with an Oracle platform supporting flashback, and the value will be written to the SQL FROM clause:

    SELECT ... FROM EMPLOYEE AS OF SCN (value) t0, ...

    See Also:
    AsOfClause, OraclePlatform.getSystemChangeNumberQuery(), Serialized Form
    Stephen McRitchie
    OracleAS TopLink 10g (10.0.3)
    • Constructor Detail

      • AsOfSCNClause

        public AsOfSCNClause​(java.lang.Number systemChangeNumber)
      • AsOfSCNClause

        public AsOfSCNClause​(java.lang.Long systemChangeNumber)
      • AsOfSCNClause

        public AsOfSCNClause​(long systemChangeNumber)
      • AsOfSCNClause

        public AsOfSCNClause​(Expression expression)
    • Method Detail

      • printSQL

        public void printSQL​(org.eclipse.persistence.internal.expressions.ExpressionSQLPrinter printer)
        INTERNAL: Prints the as of clause for an expression inside of the FROM clause.
        printSQL in class AsOfClause