Class AbstractScalarExpressionStateObjectBuilder<T extends IScalarExpressionStateObjectBuilder<T>>

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      T abs​(T builder)
      Creates the expression ABS(x).
      T add​(T builder)
      Creates the expression x + y.
      protected void arithmetic​(boolean plusSign)  
      protected void avg​(boolean distinct, java.lang.String path)  
      T avg​(java.lang.String path)
      Creates the expression AVG(path).
      T avgDistinct​(java.lang.String path)
      Creates the expression AVG(DISTINCT path).
      protected StateObject buildCollectionPath​(java.lang.String path)  
      protected StateObject buildIdentificationVariable​(java.lang.String literal)  
      protected StateObject buildInputParameter​(java.lang.String parameter)  
      protected StateObject buildNumeric​(java.lang.Number number)  
      protected StateObject buildNumeric​(java.lang.String number)  
      protected StateObject buildStateFieldPath​(java.lang.String path)  
      protected StateObject buildStringLiteral​(java.lang.String literal)  
      T case_​(ICaseExpressionStateObjectBuilder builder)
      Creates a new CASE expression.
      T coalesce​(T builder1, T builder2, T... builders)
      Create the expression COALESCE(scalar_expression {, scalar_expression}+).
      T concat​(T builder1, T builder2, T... builders)
      Creates the expression CONCAT(string_primary, string_primary {, string_primary}*).
      protected void count​(boolean distinct, java.lang.String path)  
      T count​(java.lang.String path)
      Creates the expression COUNT(identification_variable | state_field_path_expression | single_valued_object_path_expression).
      T countDistinct​(java.lang.String path)
      Creates the expression COUNT(DISTINCT identification_variable | state_field_path_expression | single_valued_object_path_expression).
      T currentDate()
      Creates the expression representing CURRENT_DATE.
      T currentTime()
      Creates the expression representing CURRENT_TIME.
      T currentTimestamp()
      Creates the expression representing CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.
      T date​(java.lang.String jdbcDate)
      Creates a new date using the JDBC syntax of a date.
      T divide​(T builder)
      Creates the expression x / y.
      T entityType​(java.lang.String entityTypeName)
      Creates a new entity type literal.
      T enumLiteral​(java.lang.Enum<? extends java.lang.Enum<?>> enumConstant)
      Creates a new enum literal.
      T function​(java.lang.String identifier, java.lang.String functionName, java.lang.String... arguments)
      Creates the expression <identifier>('functionName' {, expression}*).
      T function​(java.lang.String identifier, java.lang.String functionName, T... arguments)
      Creates the expression <identifier>('functionName' {, expression}*).
      ICaseExpressionStateObjectBuilder getCaseBuilder()
      Returns the builder that can create a CASE expression, which requires a IConditionalExpressionStateObjectBuilder to build the WHEN clauses.
      protected StateObject getParent()
      Returns the parent of the expression to build, which is only required when a JPQL fragment needs to be parsed.
      T index​(java.lang.String variable)
      Creates the expression INDEX(identification_variable).
      T length​(T builder)
      Creates the expression LENGTH(expression).
      protected StateObject literal​(java.lang.String literal)  
      protected java.util.List<StateObject> literals​(java.lang.String... literals)  
      T locate​(T parameter1, T parameter2)
      Creates the expression LOCATE(string_primary, string_primary).
      T locate​(T parameter1, T parameter2, T parameter3)
      Creates the expression LOCATE(string_primary, string_primary [, simple_arithmetic_expression]).
      protected void max​(boolean distinct, java.lang.String path)  
      T max​(java.lang.String path)
      Creates the expression MAX(path).
      T maxDistinct​(java.lang.String path)
      Creates the expression MAX(DISTINCT path).
      protected void min​(boolean distinct, java.lang.String path)  
      T min​(java.lang.String path)
      Creates the expression AVG(path).
      T minDistinct​(java.lang.String path)
      Creates the expression AVG(DISTINCT path).
      T minus​(T builder)
      Creates the expression - x.
      T mod​(T parameter1, T parameter2)
      Creates the expression MOD(simple_arithmetic_expression, simple_arithmetic_expression).
      T multiply​(T builder)
      Creates the expression x * y.
      T nullIf​(T builder1, T builder2)
      Create the expression NULLIF(scalar_expression, scalar_expression).
      T numeric​(java.lang.Number number)
      Creates the numeric literal.
      T numeric​(java.lang.String number)
      Creates the numeric literal.
      T parameter​(java.lang.String parameter)
      Creates the input parameter.
      T path​(java.lang.String path)
      Creates a new state field path expression.
      T plus​(T builder)
      Creates the expression + x.
      T size​(java.lang.String path)
      Creates the expression SIZE(collection_valued_path_expression).
      T sqrt​(T builder)
      Creates the expression SQRT(x).
      protected java.util.List<StateObject> stateObjects​(int count)
      Returns a list of the StateObjects that were previously created.
      protected java.util.List<StateObject> stateObjects​(T... builders)
      Returns a list of the StateObjects that were previously created.
      T string​(java.lang.String literal)
      Creates a new string literal.
      T sub​(T builder)
      Creates an encapsulated expression: (expression).
      T subtract​(T builder)
      Creates the expression x - y.
      protected void sum​(boolean distinct, java.lang.String path)  
      T sum​(java.lang.String path)
      Creates the expression SUM(path).
      T sumDistinct​(java.lang.String path)
      Creates the expression SUM(path).
      T type​(java.lang.String path)
      Creates the expression TYPE(identification_variable | single_valued_object_path_expression | input_parameter).
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