Class ListChangeEvent<T>

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    public class ListChangeEvent<T>
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements IListChangeEvent<T>
    The default implementation of IListChangeListener where the generics is the type of the items.
    Pascal Filion
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      Constructor Description
      ListChangeEvent​(StateObject source, java.util.List<? extends T> list, IListChangeEvent.EventType eventType, java.lang.String listName, java.util.List<? extends T> items, int startIndex, int endIndex)
      Creates a new ListChangeEvent.
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      int getEndIndex()
      Returns the index of where the change occurred in the list.
      IListChangeEvent.EventType getEventType()
      Returns the type of change that occurred in the list.
      java.util.List<T> getList()
      Returns a copy of the actual list after the change has happened.
      java.lang.String getListName()
      Returns the name describing the list.
      <S extends ListHolderStateObject<? extends T>>
      Returns the source where the modification occurred and that fired the event.
      int getStartIndex()
      Returns the index of where the change occurred in the list.
      ListIterable<T> items()
      Returns the list of items that have caused the original list to change.
      int itemsSize()
      Returns the number of items that caused the original list to change.
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