Class CoreProject<DESCRIPTOR extends CoreDescriptor,LOGIN extends CoreLogin,SESSION extends CoreSession>

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public abstract class CoreProject<DESCRIPTOR extends CoreDescriptor,LOGIN extends CoreLogin,SESSION extends CoreSession> extends Object implements Serializable
INTERNAL A abstraction of project capturing behavior common to all persistence types.
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  • Constructor Details

    • CoreProject

      public CoreProject()
  • Method Details

    • addDescriptor

      public abstract void addDescriptor(DESCRIPTOR descriptor)
    • convertClassNamesToClasses

      public abstract void convertClassNamesToClasses(ClassLoader classLoader)
      INTERNAL: Convert all the class-name-based settings in this project to actual class-based settings. This will also reset any class references to the version of the class from the class loader.
    • createDatabaseSession

      public abstract SESSION createDatabaseSession()
      INTERNAL: Factory method to create session. This returns an implementor of the CoreSession interface, which can be used to login and add descriptors from other projects. The CoreSession interface however should be used for reading and writing once connected for complete portability.
    • getDatasourceLogin

      public abstract LOGIN getDatasourceLogin()
      PUBLIC: Return the login, the login holds any database connection information given. This return the Login interface and may need to be cast to the datasource specific implementation.
    • getDescriptor

      public abstract DESCRIPTOR getDescriptor(Class theClass)
      PUBLIC: Return the descriptor specified for the class.
    • getOrderedDescriptors

      public abstract List<DESCRIPTOR> getOrderedDescriptors()
      INTERNAL: Return the descriptors in the order added. Used to maintain consistent order in XML.
    • setLogin

      public abstract void setLogin(LOGIN datasourceLogin)
      PUBLIC: Set the login to be used to connect to the database for this project.