Class JPQLException

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class JPQLException extends EclipseLinkException

Purpose: EJBQL parsing and resolution problems will raise this exception

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  • Constructor Details

    • JPQLException

      protected JPQLException()
      INTERNAL Only TopLink can throw and create these excpetions
    • JPQLException

      public JPQLException(String theMessage)
      INTERNAL Only TopLink can throw and create these excpetions
    • JPQLException

      public JPQLException(String message, Exception internalException)
      INTERNAL Only TopLink can throw and create these excpetions
    • JPQLException

      protected JPQLException(String message, Exception internalException, int theErrorCode)
      INTERNAL Only TopLink can throw and create these excpetions
  • Method Details

    • recognitionException

      public static JPQLException recognitionException(String theEjbql, String theMessage)
      INTERNAL Create an exception to wrap the recognition exception thrown
    • generalParsingException

      public static JPQLException generalParsingException(String theEjbql, Exception theException)
      INTERNAL Create an exception to wrap a general parsing exception
    • generalParsingException

      public static JPQLException generalParsingException(String theEjbql)
      INTERNAL Create an exception to wrap a general parsing exception
    • classNotFoundException

      public static JPQLException classNotFoundException(String theClassName, String theMessage, Exception theException)
    • resolutionClassNotFoundException

      public static JPQLException resolutionClassNotFoundException(String query, String theClassName)
    • resolutionClassNotFoundException2

      public static JPQLException resolutionClassNotFoundException2(String query, int line, int column, String theClassName)
    • missingDescriptorException

      public static JPQLException missingDescriptorException(String query, String theClassName)
    • missingMappingException

      public static JPQLException missingMappingException(String query, String theAttributeName)
    • aliasResolutionException

      public static JPQLException aliasResolutionException(String query, int line, int column, String theAlias)
    • invalidContextKeyException

      public static JPQLException invalidContextKeyException(String query, String theKey)
    • expressionNotSupported

      public static JPQLException expressionNotSupported(String query, String unsupportedExpression)
    • invalidCollectionMemberDecl

      public static JPQLException invalidCollectionMemberDecl(String query, int line, int column, String attributeName)
    • notYetImplemented

      public static JPQLException notYetImplemented(String query, String detail)
    • constructorClassNotFound

      public static JPQLException constructorClassNotFound(String query, int line, int column, String className)
    • invalidSizeArgument

      public static JPQLException invalidSizeArgument(String query, int line, int column, String attributeName)
    • invalidEnumLiteral

      public static JPQLException invalidEnumLiteral(String query, int line, int column, String enumType, String literal)
    • invalidSelectForGroupByQuery

      public static JPQLException invalidSelectForGroupByQuery(String query, int line, int column, String select, String groupBy)
    • invalidHavingExpression

      public static JPQLException invalidHavingExpression(String query, int line, int column, String having, String groupBy)
    • invalidMultipleUseOfSameParameter

      public static JPQLException invalidMultipleUseOfSameParameter(String query, int line, int column, String parameter, String oldType, String newType)
    • multipleVariableDeclaration

      public static JPQLException multipleVariableDeclaration(String query, int line, int column, String variable, String oldDecl)
    • invalidFunctionArgument

      public static JPQLException invalidFunctionArgument(String query, int line, int column, String functionName, String attributeName, String type)
    • invalidExpressionArgument

      public static JPQLException invalidExpressionArgument(String query, int line, int column, String expression, String attributeName, String type)
    • unsupportJoinArgument

      public static JPQLException unsupportJoinArgument(String query, int line, int column, String join, String type)
    • expectedOrderableOrderByItem

      public static JPQLException expectedOrderableOrderByItem(String query, int line, int column, String item, String type)
    • syntaxError

      public static JPQLException syntaxError(String query, Exception ex)
    • syntaxErrorAt

      public static JPQLException syntaxErrorAt(String query, int line, int column, String token, Exception ex)
    • unexpectedToken

      public static JPQLException unexpectedToken(String query, int line, int column, String token, Exception ex)
    • unexpectedChar

      public static JPQLException unexpectedChar(String query, int line, int column, String unexpected, Exception ex)
    • expectedCharFound

      public static JPQLException expectedCharFound(String query, int line, int column, String expected, String found, Exception ex)
    • unexpectedEOF

      public static JPQLException unexpectedEOF(String query, int line, int column, Exception ex)
    • invalidNavigation

      public static JPQLException invalidNavigation(String query, int line, int column, String expr, String lhs, String type)
    • invalidCollectionNavigation

      public static JPQLException invalidCollectionNavigation(String query, int line, int column, String expr, String attribute)
    • invalidSetClauseTarget

      public static JPQLException invalidSetClauseTarget(String query, int line, int column, String expr, String attribute)
    • invalidSetClauseNavigation

      public static JPQLException invalidSetClauseNavigation(String query, int line, int column, String expr, String relationship)
    • unknownAttribute

      public static JPQLException unknownAttribute(String query, int line, int column, String attribute, String type)
    • invalidEnumEqualExpression

      public static JPQLException invalidEnumEqualExpression(String query, int line, int column, String enumType, String type)
    • entityTypeNotFound

      public static JPQLException entityTypeNotFound(String query, String type)
      JPQLException Entity Type Not Found

      Indicates that a type specified in a JPQL query string cannot be found in the current persistence unit. Ensure that the entity name is properly spelled and matches the name of an entity in the persistence unit being used.

    • entityTypeNotFound2

      public static JPQLException entityTypeNotFound2(String query, int line, int column, String type)
    • variableCannotHaveMapKey

      public static JPQLException variableCannotHaveMapKey(String query, int line, int column, String name)
    • nonExistantOrderByAlias

      public static JPQLException nonExistantOrderByAlias(String query, int line, int column, String alias)
    • indexOnlyAllowedOnVariable

      public static JPQLException indexOnlyAllowedOnVariable(String query, int line, int column, String node)
    • addInternalException

      public Object addInternalException(Object theException)
      INTERNAL Add an internal Exception to the collection of internal Exceptions
    • hasInternalExceptions

      public boolean hasInternalExceptions()
      INTERNAL Does this exception have any internal errors?
    • getInternalExceptions

      public Collection getInternalExceptions()
      INTERNAL Return the collection of internal Exceptions. Intialize if there are no exceptions
    • setInternalExceptions

      public void setInternalExceptions(Collection theExceptions)
      INTERNAL Store the exceptions related to this exception
    • printFullStackTrace

      public void printFullStackTrace()
      PUBLIC Print the stack trace for each error generated by the parser. This method is intended to assist in debugging problems in EJBQL