Interface JavaClass

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All Known Implementing Classes:
JavaClassImpl, OXMJavaClassImpl, OXMJAXBElementImpl, OXMObjectFactoryImpl, XJCJavaClassImpl

public interface JavaClass extends JavaHasAnnotations

Purpose:A TopLink JAXB 2.0 Java model representation of a JDK Class.


  • Provide information about a given implementation's underlying class, such as name, package, method/field names and parameters, annotations, etc.
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  • Method Details

    • getActualTypeArguments

      Collection getActualTypeArguments()
    • getComponentType

      JavaClass getComponentType()
    • getQualifiedName

      String getQualifiedName()
    • getRawName

      String getRawName()
    • hasActualTypeArguments

      boolean hasActualTypeArguments()
    • getDeclaredClasses

      Collection getDeclaredClasses()
    • getDeclaredField

      JavaField getDeclaredField(String arg0)
    • getDeclaredFields

      Collection getDeclaredFields()
    • getDeclaredMethod

      JavaMethod getDeclaredMethod(String arg0, JavaClass[] arg1)
    • getDeclaredMethods

      Collection getDeclaredMethods()
    • getMethod

      JavaMethod getMethod(String arg0, JavaClass[] arg1)
    • getMethods

      Collection getMethods()
    • getConstructor

      JavaConstructor getConstructor(JavaClass[] parameterTypes)
    • getConstructors

      Collection getConstructors()
    • getDeclaredConstructor

      JavaConstructor getDeclaredConstructor(JavaClass[] parameterTypes)
    • getDeclaredConstructors

      Collection getDeclaredConstructors()
    • getModifiers

      int getModifiers()
    • getName

      String getName()
    • getPackage

      JavaPackage getPackage()
    • getPackageName

      String getPackageName()
    • getSuperclass

      JavaClass getSuperclass()
    • getGenericInterfaces

      Type[] getGenericInterfaces()
    • getGenericSuperclass

      Type getGenericSuperclass()
    • isAbstract

      boolean isAbstract()
    • isAnnotation

      boolean isAnnotation()
    • isArray

      boolean isArray()
    • isAssignableFrom

      boolean isAssignableFrom(JavaClass arg0)
    • isEnum

      boolean isEnum()
    • isFinal

      boolean isFinal()
    • isInterface

      boolean isInterface()
    • isMemberClass

      boolean isMemberClass()
    • isPrimitive

      boolean isPrimitive()
    • isPrivate

      boolean isPrivate()
    • isProtected

      boolean isProtected()
    • isPublic

      boolean isPublic()
    • isStatic

      boolean isStatic()
    • isSynthetic

      boolean isSynthetic()
    • instanceOf

      JavaClassInstanceOf instanceOf()