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public class JavaModelImpl extends Object implements JavaModel

Purpose:The JavaModel is the central access point to the TopLink JAXB 2.0 Java model implementation's source/class files. A JavaModel has an underlying source/classpath that defines its search path.


  • Return a JavaClass based on a Class or Class name
  • Return a JDK Annotation for a given JavaAnnotation
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    • getClass

      public JavaClass getClass(Class<?> jClass)
      Specified by:
      getClass in interface JavaModel
    • getClass

      public JavaClass getClass(String className)
      Specified by:
      getClass in interface JavaModel
    • getClassLoader

      public ClassLoader getClassLoader()
      Specified by:
      getClassLoader in interface JavaModel
    • getAnnotation

      public Annotation getAnnotation(JavaAnnotation janno, Class<?> jClass)
      Specified by:
      getAnnotation in interface JavaModel
    • getAnnotationHelper

      public AnnotationHelper getAnnotationHelper()
    • setMetadataCompletePackageMap

      public void setMetadataCompletePackageMap(Map<String,Boolean> metadataCompletePackageMap)
      Set the Map of package names to metadata complete indicators for this JavaModelInput. If a given package has no entry in this map it is assumed to be metadata incomplete.
      metadataCompletePackageMap -
    • getCachedJavaClasses

      public Map<String,JavaClassImpl> getCachedJavaClasses()
    • hasXmlBindings

      public boolean hasXmlBindings()
    • setHasXmlBindings

      public void setHasXmlBindings(boolean hasXmlBindings)