Class BroadcastTransportManager

Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class BroadcastTransportManager extends TransportManager

Purpose: Base class transport manager for broadcasting RCM protocols: JMS and Oc4jJGroups.

Description: The class doesn't use DiscoveryManager - instead the class (and it's ancestors) implement createConnections method that creates all the necessary connections. This method is called by RemoteCommendManager during initialization.

Andrei Ilitchev
  • Field Details

    • topicName

      protected String topicName
  • Constructor Details

    • BroadcastTransportManager

      public BroadcastTransportManager()
    • BroadcastTransportManager

      public BroadcastTransportManager(RemoteCommandManager rcm)
  • Method Details

    • createDiscoveryManager

      public DiscoveryManager createDiscoveryManager()
      ADVANCED: BroadcastTransportManager doesn't use DiscoveryManager - instead RemoteCommandManager calls createConnections method during initialization.
      createDiscoveryManager in class TransportManager
    • createConnections

      public void createConnections()
      INTERNAL: BroadcastTransportManager doesn't use DiscoveryManager (createDiscoveryManager method returns null) therefore this method called during RCM initialization to create all the necessary connections. BroadcastTransportManager ancestors may need to override this method.
      createConnections in class TransportManager
    • createConnection

      public org.eclipse.persistence.internal.sessions.coordination.RemoteConnection createConnection(ServiceId serviceId)
      INTERNAL: No-op implementation of super abstract method since there is only one connection to a known topic.
      Specified by:
      createConnection in class TransportManager
    • addConnectionToExternalService

      public void addConnectionToExternalService(org.eclipse.persistence.internal.sessions.coordination.RemoteConnection connection)
      INTERNAL: Add a remote Connection to a remote service.
      addConnectionToExternalService in class TransportManager
    • connectBackToRemote

      public void connectBackToRemote(org.eclipse.persistence.internal.sessions.coordination.RemoteConnection connection) throws Exception
      INTERNAL: Prepare receiving messages by registering this connection as a listener to the Subscriber. This method is called by the remote command manager when this service should connect back ('handshake') to the service from which this remote connection came.
      connectBackToRemote in class TransportManager
    • getTopicName

      public String getTopicName()
      PUBLIC: Return the topic name that this TransportManager will be connecting to.
    • setTopicName

      public void setTopicName(String newTopicName)
      PUBLIC: Configure the Topic name for the Topic that this TransportManager will be connecting to. For some subclasses (JMS) this is a required setting and must be set; for other (Oc4jJGroups) it's typically not set.