Understanding EclipseLink, 2.4
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Target Platforms

When you design your application, you must choose how and where to use EclipseLink. You can perform a variety of persistence and data transformation functions on a variety of Java-supported platforms. When you design your application architecture, keep these capabilities in mind.

EclipseLink supports any enterprise architecture that uses Java, including the following:

Application packaging requirements of the specific target platform (for deployment in the host Java or Java EE environment) influence how you use and configure EclipseLink. For example, you package a Java EE application in an Enterprise Archive (EAR) file. Within the EAR file, there are several ways to package persistent entities within Web Archive (WAR) and Java Archive (JAR) files. How you configure EclipseLink depends, in part, on how you package the application and how you use the host application server class loader.

For detailed information about supported application server versions, custom integration, and configuration requirements, see Integrating with an Application Server..