Understanding EclipseLink, 2.4
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Application Server Support

EclipseLink can be used with any Java EE application server that meets the software requirements through the EclipseLink API.

Table A-2 lists the application servers for which EclipseLink provides integration support. The classes listed in the table are concrete subclasses of the EclipseLink org.eclipse.persistence.platform.server.ServerPlatformBase class, which is responsible for representing server-specific behavior. These classes determine the following behavior for the server:

For more information on the Java classes listed in the table, see Java API Reference for EclipseLink.

Table A-2 Supported Application Servers

Server Name Java Classes

IBM WebSphere Application Server

  • org.eclipse.persistence.platform.server.was.WebSphere_6_1_Platform

  • org.eclipse.persistence.platform.server.was.WebSphere_7_Platform

  • org.eclipse.persistence.platform.server.was.WebSpherePlatform

JBoss Application Server

  • org.eclipse.persistence.platform.server.jboss.JBossPlatform

Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J)

  • org.eclipse.persistence.platform.server.oc4j.Oc4jPlatform

Oracle Sun Application Server

  • org.eclipse.persistence.platform.server.sunas

Oracle WebLogic Server

  • org.eclipse.persistence.platform.server.wls.WebLogic_10_Platform

  • org.eclipse.persistence.platform.server.wls.WebLogic_9_Platform

  • org.eclipse.persistence.platform.server.wls.WebLogicPlatform

SAP NetWeaver Application Server

  • org.eclipse.persistence.platform.server.sap.SAPNetWeaver_7_1_Platform

EclipseLink MOXy as the JAXB Provider for Application Servers

EclipseLink MOXy is integrated into the GlassFish and WebLogic application servers as the JAXB provider. For more information, see the following links: