EclipseLink Solutions Guide for EclipseLink
Release 2.6
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Introduction to the Solution

"Native" TopLink ORM refers to the API, configuration files, and tools for object-relational mapping that evolved in TopLink before the Java Persistence API (JPA) standardized an object-relational mapping API. Full JPA support was introduced in Oracle TopLink 10g (, via TopLink Essentials. However, native TopLink continued to be supported.

Prior to the TopLink 11g (11.1.1) release, Oracle contributed the TopLink source code--including TopLink JPA and native TopLink--to the Eclipse Foundation, where it was used to form the basis of the open-source EclipseLink persistence services project. Then, in TopLink 11g Release 1 (11.1.1), Oracle started to include EclipseLink in TopLink, providing TopLink's core functionality.

EclipseLink developers using TopLink versions though have access to native TopLink ORM in either the proprietary Oracle toplink.jar or in the EclipseLink eclipselink.jar. In toplink.jar, the classes are in packages whose names start with oracle.toplink.*. In eclipselink.jar, those package names begin instead with org.eclipselink.persistence..


The toplink.jar file was deprecated in TopLink 11g and is no long shipped with TopLink 12c. It is recommended that you migrate off oracle.toplink.* in TopLink 11g.

You can migrate applications that use oracle.toplink.* packages from toplink.jar to use org.eclipselink.persistence. packages from eclipselink.jar. The application functionality remains the same, but migrating to eclipselink.jar provides the most up-to-date code base. After migrating, you will have access to other EclipseLink features and will be better prepared to convert your application to use JPA or one of the other persistence services included in current versions of EclipseLink.

This chapter explains how to use the renaming tool that is packaged with stand-alone EclipseLink to easily change the package names in your application and how to perform other actions necessary to migrate to the current code base.


Following the instructions in this chapter will update your application to use the current EclipseLink code base. Doing so retains the design and functionality of your application as originally implemented. However, these instructions do not describe how to convert a native TopLink-based application to use JPA or any of the other persistence services in current versions of EclipseLink. See the other EclipseLink documentation sources for that information.